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Shane Proietto - Drums


 -----Ohans Terpetio was found on the doorstep of a house of cards. It is here where he was raised and he was able to hear such musicians as herbie hancock, john coltrane, the beatles, cream, les claypool, black sabbath, frank zappa, and the mars volta. When he grew in height and age, and the house collapsed, he was forced to venture out into a world he wanted no part of. He left the abandoned house never to come back. He first stumbled upon the magnificence of percussion when he found a turtles shell along the outskirts of his trail. He was intriguied; he scrutinously ransacked the dirt below him for a log. He clenched the log with all his might and came down upon the shell. He proved too weak for it to shatter, but the vibrations raped his ears, and his cochlea unfurled its snail shell. It was the most gorgeous thing he had heard. He stood there beating the shell with the log for years, until finally the shell cracked. In disbelief but extreme satisfaction, he trekked on. He was casually, innocently walking with hands in his pockets down a rugged road, when he was blinded by bright light coming from a house down the street. Without looking directly at it, he attempted to find the source. He came to the green door of the house, which was slightly ajar and he cautiously continued toward the light. He opened another door that was up a flight of nearly 75 stairs and found a drumset with shiny cymbals, so he sat down to play. He hasn't gotten up since.

Nick Ciofalo - Guitar/Bass


Cord West - Bass/Guitar




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Adam West